What is Propolis?

Prescribed by Plato and named by Aristotle, propolis has been depended upon by mankind throughout the centuries to treat and cure a myriad of ailments both internal and external.

 Modern science has discovered that propolis actually kills viruses by attacking and destroying the protein sheath that surrounds the virus allowing the body’s defenses to do their job dispatching of the intruder.

Propolis is a sticky brown, green or red substance collected by the honeybee. It is a blend of resins collected from buds, barks and stems of various trees and plants which is then mixed with the bee’s own saliva. This creates an enzymatic reaction which changes the substance into what Aristotle named, Propolis.

Used in the beehive to disinfect and maintain sterility with in the hive, the queen honeybee will not lay her eggs unless the cells in which she lays her eggs are polished
with propolis. Propolis has been used by indigenous people groups on almost every continent medicinally and has been most recently studied in Japan, Germany, the UK and Israel as a possible treatment for Cancer, AIDS, Burns as well as a host of other diseases and conditions.

Propolis was used during the Boer War at the turn of the last century to heal infected wounds from battle that were unresponsive to other treatments. Ben-Gurion University in Israel has studied the affects of Propolis on burns and has been able to corroborate the findings of the Royal Academy of Burns in the UK who first stated that a simple solution of propolis and water heals burns significantly faster and with much less scaring than the alternative creams and salves which are commonly prescribed.

Japanese scientists have studied the affect of propolison cancer and have found that cancer cells die in the presence of Propolis. Japanese scientists have also studied the effect of propolis on dental caries and have found that propolis heals cavities and significantly impacts diseases of the gums.

“When I read the ingredients
lists, I know exactly what I’m
putting on my body.”
Dr. Jay Fox, Janesville, WI

Simple, Pure, Potent

It has been discovered that within minutes of putting a substance on our skin, chemical representation of that substance can be found in every cell in our bodies! This is why it is so very important to know exactly what is in the products we put onto and into our bodies. We encourage you to compare the ingredient list on any Bee Rescued product with a similar product.

Bee Rescued products are simple in their formulation. All of our ingredients were painstakingly selected for their healing properties and work in beautiful synergy with one another to provide the end user a product that does what it was designed to do. All of our products are produced in a completely gluten free facility from the highest quality materials, all gluten free.

No Soy Lecithin

Typically used as in emulsifier to molecularly bond oil soluble ingredients with water soluble ingredients, soy lecithin is a by-product from the processing of soybeans and is considered by many to be a “dirty” substance. Because of this we chose instead to use a naturally occurring salt called borax as our emulsifier. Purity is our hallmark…Integrity is who we are.